Ageless & Awesome

Birth of the Great Age Movement organization happened this past summer on June 4th, 2017. At our 2017 Inaugural Luncheon, Ageless & Awesome, Gordon Bethune presented Mayor Sylvester Turner’s proclamation to GAM Founder, Fritz McDonald officially proclaiming that luncheon day, June 4, 2017, as The Great Age Movement Day in Houston, Texas.

Our inaugural luncheon introduced the organization to the general public including our purpose, mission, and goals to better serve our seniors through community initiatives. Our event raised over $50,000 which will help fund our first senior playground in the near future. See more on our event in the Society Chronicles.

We continue to foster relationships with city leaders to bring our important project to light. We look forward to sharing our progress with local communities. Go G.A.M.!

“The patients I’ve seen over the years often ask what is available to them in the community. I’ve encouraged many seniors to join organized exercise classes whether at a local gym or through established organizations that offer senior activities. However, a common problem for many seniors is getting to the activity. Many seniors cannot drive even short distances or in some cases, not at all because of medical reasons. We, as a society, must remedy this.”

Help expand the movement. Support our Cause.