We cannot do what we do without the help of community partners and gracious donors like you. See the many ways you can give and support our cause.

Donate Directly

Every $1 you donate helps makes our programs viable and brings a smile to the seniors on fixed incomes.

Imagine seniors who are at home wondering what’s available to them in the community to enhance their wellness and social interactions. That’s what we do. Our senior playground in the Texas Medical Center and our Senior Art & Exercise program at The Health Museum provide unique FREE opportunities for senior engagement. You can donate a one-time gift or set up recurring monthly donations.

Your donations fuel our programs and volunteer training. 

  • VOLUNTEER TRAINING DONATIONS. Each volunteer participates in a 1-2 hour training session with a qualified trainer at our program sites. Volunteer undergoes a background check. Volunteer receive a GAM t-shirt as part of their uniform. $50 donation pays to prepare a volunteer to help educate seniors on use of fitness stations and workouts.
  • AT HOME LAB SERIES VIDEOS WITH THE HEALTH MUSEUM DONATIONS. GAM produces a weekly 30-minute show covering home exercise programs, Do-It-Yourself projects, healthy cooking, wellness experts, and much more benefiting seniors. $100 donation pays for production including platform services, stage equipment and maintenance, and educational supplies.
  • SENIOR ART & EXERCISE PROGRAM AT THE HEALTH MUSEUM DONATIONS. Senior Communities bus their residents to the Health Museum for an original 30-minute workout medley to curated music throughout the museum. We pay $5 per senior for admission, arrange a master workout trainer, use technical support and equipment, and provide a healthy lunch. On average we have 25 seniors in attendance. $250 donation pays for the entire event including seniors admission, trainer, technical support and lunch for up to 25 seniors.
  • FITNESS STATION AT OUR NEXT SENIOR PLAYGROUND DONATIONS. Our next playground will be equipped with senior fitness stations including tai chi wheels, rope net floor, snake pipe, balance and hip twist, handle throttle bar, rope bridge walk, hand bikes, shoulder wheel, balance beam, recumbent bike, and more. $2500 will cover a fitness station which will help pay for a senior playground. An individual or business will received a placard at the fitness station.
  • BRICKS AT THE NEXT SENIOR PLAYGROUND DONATIONS. We place bricks with your name, business, and/or loved one at our senior playground. Be a permanent part of our wellness playground and help improve the lives of seniors while honoring a loved one. $250 per brick with engraving of your name, business, and/ or loved one. Up to 3 lines for message.