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Exercise is the best medicine.

After careful research on community outreach programs for seniors worldwide, senior playgrounds in social spaces, especially parks, promote health, learning, and socialization.

About Our Great Age Fitness Parks™

It has been well-documented, particularly for senior adults. Being outdoors and exercising at senior playgrounds have been successfully practiced for decades in Asia, Europe, and more recently in parts of the United States.

Senior playgrounds are fitness parks that may include balance bridges, cardio bikes, tandem elliptical machines, hand-eye coordination activities, and face-to-face leg presses. These components of low-impact exercise equipment are designed to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.



Beginning with China in 1995, senior playgrounds have been popping up around the globe including Europe, Japan, Canada and currently several cities in the United States.

Partner with Us

The Great Age Movement’s goal is to collaborate with community parks and local organizations to place Great Age Fitness Parks™ near areas of dense senior living populations. Partnerships with senior clubs and residential living centers will ensure participants and transportation to sustainable outdoor exercise programs created by us and guided by our volunteers. Seniors will have access to education and training programs for our senior playgrounds. With time, we will add programs to the playground site including meditation, yoga and stretching.

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