There is no such thing as Old Age, just "Great Age". Founded by Fritz McDonald in 2016, Great Age Movement Organization came about after 18 years of professional service in geriatric physical rehabilitation.

Great Age Movement Organization came about after 18 years of professional service in geriatric physical rehabilitation. As a seasoned clinician serving as a geriatric rehabilitation specialist, with a focus on occupational performance, and a business owner of professional therapy staffing services in post-acute and home health settings, I developed an understanding of what seniors need beyond their rehabilitation after a catastrophic event.

Senior community programs remain far and few in our society. Over the years, my clients often ask what kind of activities are available to them as seniors in the community. I’ve encouraged many seniors to join organized exercise and activity classes at local community centers. However, common obstacles for many seniors include the lack of available activities and transportation to the activities. Many seniors drive short distances or not at all for medical reasons.

After careful research on community outreach programs for seniors worldwide, I’ve determined the best solution for our communities is to build senior playgrounds in social spaces, especially parks. Beginning with China in 1995, senior playgrounds have been popping up around the globe including Europe, Japan, Canada and currently several cities in the United States.

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  • An unstoppable force of good.


    1st Annual Jazz Luncheon Fundraiser & Proclamation. A few highlights:

    • Connie Warner (1933-May 4,2018) – guest speaker at our 2017 Inaugural Jazz Luncheon at the St. Regis Hotel. Connie was a bilateral amputee who declared her right to be a part of a future senior playground.
    • Wilson, Sr. received our first Great Age Movement Award
    • Great Age Movement Day, Proclamation by City of Houston

  • Bridging the Gap.


    When people work together they accomplish big things. Gaining traction and ready to lift up our seniors.

    • G.A.M. Volunteers trained in March of 2018 to be coaches for Matter of Balance program through Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Services.
    • 2nd Annual Jazz Luncheon Fundraiser in June
    • In July of 2018, G.A.M. formed a partnership with C.E.O. Amy Shields of St. Dominic’s Village to install a Senior Playground on 8,000sq.ft next to the Administration building.
    • In December of 2018, G.A.M. partnered with John Arcidiacono, President & C.E.O and The Health Museum to initiate the first Senior Art & Exercise Program in the U.S.

  • Programs Underway.


    Seniors on the move:

    • In January of 2019, G.A.M. finalized the Senior Playground proposal with St. Dominic’s Village C.E.O., Amy Shields and B.D.O., Kimberly Elliot.
    • In February of 2019, G.A.M. Launched the Senior Art & Exercise program in partnership with The Health Museum.
    • 40 senior participated with 10 trained G.A.M. Volunteers, and lead by our program instructor.
    • 3rd Annual Jazz Luncheon Fundraiser in June.

  • Community Cares. Love has no barriers.


    Reaching out to show our Seniors that we are here and you are not alone.

    • In May of 2020, G.A.M. launched The @ Home Lab Series videos with The Health Museum livestream to keep our seniors motivated, empowered, and healthy.

  • Seniors at Play.


    The future is bright.

    • In February of 2021, G.A.M. completed their First Senior Playground @ St. Dominic Village in Texas Medical Center.
    • In May of 2021, G.A.M. launched the Senior Playground Workout program.

Looking Ahead

We are proud of all that we have achieved, but we know that there is no time to rest. In fact, we just celebrated are 1 year anniversary of the Great Age Movement @ Home Lab Series with the partnership of The Health Museum. We also launched our first Senior Playground Workout program in the Texas Medical Center with the partnership of St. Dominic's Village.

We are committed to adding other outdoor activities including yoga, dance, stretching, and educational classes focused on mental and spiritual wellness at our senior playground sites.

We look forward to continuing to use the strength of our experience to become more effective than ever before. But, all this could not be possible without the continuing support of our donors and community partners.

Help expand the movement.