Dance It Out While Cleaning!

Great Age Movement @ Home Lab Series presents LIVE in partnership with The Health Museum: “DANCING WITH BROOMS” starring Rachel Busch, dancer extraordinaire.

Find house chores dull at times?

We’ve produced a new way to use your broom for sweeping. Add easy dance steps and moves that bring your chores to life. Remember folks, every movement can be exercise! We teach you new ways of using your kitchen to workout your body head to toe. Join us for a 30 minute session to start your day.

We want to encourage you to keep moving and continue your fitness, wellness and wholeness journey.

Before you start any exercise program, always check with your doctor for clearance. Join us and start your Saturday feeling good. Your body will thank you!

Season 1, Episode 12: Dance and clean with dancer extraordinaire, Rachel Busch. Grab your brooms and add easy dance moves that bring daily chores to life.

GuestRachel BuschDateSeptember 05,


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