Building Better Balance and Strengthening Our Lungs!

Robert Hale is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition and Running Coach, who will demonstrate key breathing and balancing exercises for Seniors.

Benefits of Breathing and Balancing Exercises?
Breathing is important for our mood, daily living, helps with blood pressure, and keeps our mind and body focused. As we age, our blood oxygen levels decrease by up to 20%, which can make it difficult to breathe properly and deeply, so it is important to do these exercises on a daily basis.

Another high priority is balance. We need to maintain a good balance to prevent falls and any trip ups. These series of exercises will help strengthen the parts of our bodies that helps us with that balance.

We want to encourage you to keep moving and continue your fitness, wellness and wholeness journey.

Before you start any exercise program, always check with your doctor for clearance. Join us and start your Saturday feeling good. Your body will thank you!

Season 2, Episode 17: Robert Hale, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition and Running Coach, demonstrates key breathing and balancing exercises.

GuestRobert HaleDateJuly 17, 2021


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